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                Water Dispenser

                Products >> Water Dispenser
                Product Name:HC16L-A

                Product Description


                Non Spill Top
                -Hygienic and durable polypropylene
                -Sufficient reservoir water capacity
                -Air Filter Installation
                -External refrigerant evaporator mechanically wrapped around reservoir
                -Cold water thermostat
                -Durable polypropylene
                -Available hot water safer faucet
                Fuse Box
                -Concentrated function keys on the left side panel
                -Design for user s convenience
                -Design for the protection from children’s potential accident
                Power Plug
                -Power plug has a grounded and detachable plug
                Internal Contact water way
                -Type 304 stainless steel cold reservoir
                -Type 304deep drawing stainless steel seamleas deep  drawing body with bottom heating element
                -All the water contact way use type 304 stainless steel , proving superior cheering for great water.
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